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Well, as an excuse to play with some new toys (iMovie and my Miglia video to firewire converter) I decided to catalog the slashy and h/c moments in TOS (and sometimes just generically great moments).

The video clips are between 3.5 and 5 megs. The quality varies based on the age of my tapes. The audio is highly compressed to get the file size down, hope your speakers are good.

Star Trek is owned by Viacom/Paramount/Desilu. The excerpts below are only for the purposes of review. No money is made from this, it is just an exercise in dramatic analysis to spur discussion on the origins of k/s.

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2 Where No Man Has Gone Before

Summary: This was the second pilot episode. The Enterprise leaves the galaxy and an energy barrier at the edge damages the ship and causes personnel with ESP to have heightened powers such as telekinesis. Mitchell, Kirk's old friend and first officer creates a lot of mayhem as he heads for god-hood.

Review: The first interesting moment is the scene in the turbolift where Mitchell says, "So, you, ah, finished the game?" I think I smell jealously in there. Certainly it is a common play on Kirk's prior homosexual lovelife to pair him with Mitchell. There is also one of those Kirkian glances that show up so much later on. It is captured in the still shown. I love those little affectionate glances.

The key k and s scene is the one in the funky briefing room that I don't think appears in later ep., when Spock tells Kirk to kill Mitchell. Spock uses Kirk's first name here (Ellison you were wrong), though it got lost on my personal cutting room floor. I kept the "Get out of here" which is great stuff.

I love the doc here, he must have forgotten his hypo. Maybe these are fast dissolve pills that are absorbed through the lining of the mouth. :)

Other great shots are the high corridor view before they get into the lift and the shot of the bridge from the inside of the turbolift.
3 Corbomite Maneuver

Summary: After destroying an alien space bouy a very large spherical ship threatens the Enterprise. Kirk averts destruction by pretending that the Enterprise has a material called Corbomite that will destroy their attacker. The alien then tests Kirk to see if he really is peaceful by pretending that its ship has been disabled.

Review: This should be subtitled the "Shirtless Episode", man, Kirk does wander around a lot without his in this one. I especially like the cat walk thing down the corridor. No one seems to pay the least bit of attention--he must do this all the time! Its almost enough to make me a Kirkophile. Nah.

Also very nice is all the grunting and growning during Kirk's physical.

The scene on the bridge as they are running out of time is the best one in this episode. Spock comes within a hairs-breath of saying "I'm sorry" but aborts and gathers his control so blatantly. His inner battle is done really well here. Spock's character develops quickly and wonderfully in these first episodes. He again refers to Kirk as "Jim" (boy, Harlan, you were really wrong).
4 Mudd's Women

Summary: The Enterprise rescues Mudd and four women from their ship after chasing it to overheating. In the rescue the Enterprise's dilithium is damaged, in getting replacements from a mining colony, Mudd double-crosses Kirk by cutting his own deal with the miners. The miners accept the women despite the fact that they are doped up to look beautiful.

Review: This episode often gets railed for its sexist content. On rewatching it, it didn't come off all that bad. The male crew reaction to the women is a little overdone, but it just comes off as camp.

Spock's character is shakey in this one. Way too expressive. The scene in the turbolift is telling as Mudd explains a bit of Vulcan sexuality to his charges.

Kirk's look of weakness when the women walk into his quarters is really priceless. He did order them there, no one to blame but himself. But the best Kirk line is the one when Spock is explaining about the dilithium crystal situation. He says, "Well, Mr. Spock?" in such a voice. Ah!

This episode has some other great moments: McCoy's own moment of weakness when one of the women is talking to him in sickbay is just hilarious. As well as the slapstick at Kirk and Mudd's departure from the mining colony.
5 Enemy Within

Summary: Kirk gets split into a Good Kirk and Bad Kirk and the episode is mostly a study in what characteristics end up in which half.

Review: The neck pinch was invented on this episode and how nice it gets to be used on Kirk, or well, half of Kirk anyway. The bad half. By the end the good Kirk could use a little slapping around as he loses all ability to make decisions.

The best scene is undoubtedly the one where McCoy has sent Spock to check on Kirk (Good) after an encounter with the surly Bad Kirk, well before the split has been detected. Spock has to try hard to keep his place and Kirk's characterization shows good development as he helps his subordinate along. It also is nice as Kirk paces around shirtless. What a tease :)

There is a nice part where Spock gets nearly poetic in analyzing Kirk's two halves. He later analyzes himself a bit along the same vein.

The final scene in the episode is almost nasty on Spock's part. Rand who is raped/nearly raped (we aren't totally sure) by Bad Kirk, is the victim of what seems like a totally territorial move on Spock's part. "Catfight" is really the only description for this, and I might note, that Spock wins it.

(Sorry the audio is so bad, I'll have to re-record with better tracking on the vcr. The compression really can't handle the flutter.)
6 The Man Trap (orig: The Unreal McCoy)

Summary: The Enterprise visits a pair of archeologists of whom the women is an old flame of McCoy's. She is not as she seems and when the creature (salt vampire) that has replaced Nancy Crater gets hungry crew drop like red-shirts at a Klingon convention.

Review: This is the first episode where K and S finally have their characters established. In an early scene where Uhura is teasing Spock, the writers seem to have gone out of their way to point out his resistance to emotional display. The transporter room announces that one died on the planet and Uhura chastises him because if it were Kirk he aught to show some emotion.

Kirk also gets his "quality" commander moment when McCoy admits to his second mistake and Kirk give him a little smile and says "I'm not counting them, Bones".

Rand and Sulu have a rare scene in Botany that probably equals the rest of their time in whole series.

Kirk snacks on the bridge in this episode. I think that is the only time (a lot of coffee drinking, but not eating).

Some crawling around in the dirt for k and s chasing after Dr. Crater.

I do like the way Kirk tears down the corridor on the way to sickbay when Spock is hurt. How touching.

The climatic scene in the episode is so badly done it is almost stunning. I reduced it here to the 10 seconds worth keeping.


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If you have never seen the pro-tapes or DVD's then you probably haven't seen the full versions of the episodes. Broadcast episodes are cut fifteen to twenty minutes to fit the additional ad time in modern television. The eps have been cut somewhat from around the first time they were repeated in the early 70's. You can get the tapes cheap on or you can probably get them from though I'm not a subscriber. I strongly recommend seeing at least your favorite episodes this way.

On that note, you may have noticed, especially from the stills, that my pro-tapes have gotten a little old. I am a comsumate technology jumper. I plan to skip the DVD period of media delivery, if I can help it.

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