Update June 12, 2003 - Added Own Private Inferno

Some of these stories (those marked with /) contain male-male sexual situations. If you are under 18 or are not into that sort of thing, here is a good place to look for something different.

On Private Inferno (/// or PG)
/// Version or original ending which is a PG Version. Written for a KSOF Challenge and published in Side By Side. Story where Kirk is hot rather than Spock is cold.
Replica (///)
Sequel to The Birthday Present by T'Maia. Published in Side By Side Issue 9. Not my usual kind of story.
Losing It (PG)
A Kirk h/c story. A visit to a planet intended for Federation membership ends up with Kirk getting put through the ringer.
Targets (//)
Sequel to "Arrows" below. Published in Side By Side. Also first-person, present-tense.
Forget Me Not (//)
This challenge floats around a lot, but you'll have to read it to see which one it is.
A Fine Officer (PG)
Answer to a challenge to write a slashy story based on the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
Story 10 (PG)
It might get a name, eventually
But Never Parted (//)
Starfleet splits up our dynamic duo. Challenge written for the Kirk/Spock online festival
Arrows (PG/)
I like this one. First person, present tense
The Present (/)
A Christmas/Holiday of your choice that tends to fall on or near the winter solstice Story. Everyone should write one, at least
Jealous Mistress (/)
The allegory of the cave (///)
For the Spock fuh-q-fest challenge (with Parmen)
Nothing more than... (~/)
Another for the Spock fuh-q-fest challenge (with Lon Suder)
Winter Solstice (PG)
Rather old story that I found on my HD
Slash TOS Episode Reviews
My personal commentary on TOS slashiness with stills and short video clips.

Other Writing
Your Move
Published in Beyond Dreams 6 Preview
TOS HyperText Round Robin
A roomful of monkeys k/s authors at an infinite number of typewriters... Like a choose your own adventure, but with more angst and way more sex.
Mirror of my parts: peice 1 | end 2 (my fav) | end 3 | end 4 (xxx!)
Works in progress
Lots of HC, no real direction from here
Ethereal (/)
This is really old and needs so much clean up I don't know if it will ever get it. But who knows when the mood may strike

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